Sunday, June 13, 2010

The beautiful game!

With the football fever on, so thought of putting some thoughts into words....

The national anthem
The whistle
The passes
Running with the ball

The defense
The tackle
The foul and
The faking of the foul

The yellow card
The red card
The adamant referee
And the innocent players

The crowd
And cheering
For every move made

The off-side trap
The free kick
The wall
The ball kissing the cross-bar

The shot saved
The goal-kick
Nervous defense
Fending off the swarming attackers

The corner
The header
The top-corner
And the goal

The ecstasy
The celebration
The shaken opposition
And the roaring crowd

The extra-time
The substitution
An all-out attempt
For the elusive goal

The hope
The despair
The frustration
Of a missed chance

The goal-keeper's smile
For a lucky break he got
The shouting coach
And finally an own goal

The brilliant footwork
The mistake
The lost chance
And finally the penalty kicks

Each shot scored
Each shot blocked
Becomes a nail driven
Into each others heart

The nervous team
The million hopes
This is it
The world stage

The striker
The kick
The goal-keeper's dive
And the goal

That was luck
Detractors would say
But only he and the goal-keeper know
It was - the beautiful game....

Rooting for Brazil as every time - love the way they make the game beautiful to watch.... :)


  1. awessoommee dude :D
    and someone said they dunno poetry :roll:
    fever ho gaya fever :P
    football fever :P

  2. hey thanks megz!
    //someone said they dunno poetry//
    still learning the tricks of the trade from the masters! :D