Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Heart – A Tyrant

After a loooooooooong time, somehow my mind stirred and brought out something from its stables something better than rubbish ramblings….A note of thanks to all the people who did push me to write something during my hibernation….

The Heart – A Tyrant

Dodging and darting around
Through life's uncertainties
He was going head-on
Challenging life as it came on

Yes he was going fast
As fast as he dreamt of going
He was proud of that for
Very few lived their dream

Yes he enjoyed the challenge
And his sucesses
Yet sometimes his heart cried,
Dampening his soaring spirits

He ignored, yet it haunted him
For the heart remained
Always in agony, Always in pain
Howling all night till it slept

Finding a mate thought he
Would appease his heart
Another howl and a secret tear later
He dropped the idea

The hollowness rang louder
Like a virus multiplying
And spreading the pain
Until he decided to listen

Yes the heart was saying something
A whisper was enough
For he became sad and afraid
Like everyone like him

The heart needed change
A new horse to ride
A new dream to chase
A new spark to begin a new fire

Fire that burns till eternity
Fire that consumes his self
A relentless fire
Burning him and his heart to ashes

To be the ashes was his heart's wish
For only through the ashes,
The Phoenix can rise and fly
The last flight to the Creator

As for him, his challenges
His enjoyment has to go
To sow the seeds of
Still undreamt dreams

For a new spark will ignite
A new un-thought passion
A passion he never had
A passion that would consume him

For a life later, the world
May forget his name
May forget all his deeds
But remember they will
His passion and his
Soaring Phoenix!

PS: Found a very convenient way to post today  - Directly from MS-Word 2007! Thumbs up to Microsoft! :)