Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Chennai RoomMates!!

I was trying to find something interesting to write for some time….but couldn’t find anything until I thought about writing on my room-mates. Its pretty interesting fact that our room boasts of people from all parts of India…north,south,west and east. To protect the privacy of my friends I won’t disclose their name …neither would I disclose who i am off all the five. Its for you to guess... Lets say the five guys names are A,B,C,D,E.
If you observe A, you would find him an endearing guy….its not that he is not….after all he is endearing to his girlfriend . He is pretty honest about most of the things and I think the diplomacy word is not in his dictionary . He never lives in the Golden Mean that Aristotle talks about. Everything for him is black or white…So we call him black & white TV….He is pretty loquacious guy, ofcourse that is when he is in deep, engaging, and long conversations with his girlfriend .. Other than this he likes movies but not on 70mm but on the PC… see another interesting fact .
If A was black & white TV, B is Onida TV He is the first guy I have ever seen who will give miss call in CUG…Talking about that a joke pops up in my mind..
What is the height of stinginess? Giving a missed call to a CUG no. hahaha
Sorry B, couldn’t help that but it just came right out of my mind. Well the reason I gave him the name Onida TV, because he is the neighbour’s envy…he’s got more no of girlfriends than all of us have combined . Ever heard of making a mountain out of a mole…well he is expert in making a mountain taller than Mt.Everest out of virtually nothing…Sorry friends my imagination ran out . I coudn’t think of better metaphor…Now you can understand B’s ability….
C is our IPTV. Everything about him is online …. Although it takes time for him to embrace new technology, but only he tries to explore newer technology….But since he is online most of the time, he becomes dis-oriented in real life….He tends to lose sense of direction, from where he came or where to go I think he is the first guy who is most afflcted with IT . I don’t know the name of the syndrome but it is pretty scary …
He is also the most gregarious of all of us and loves to dish out philosophies…Very interesting philosophies….like for Exit test, one should never study….. one should always give exit test without studying….and one can’t believe he cleare all his exit test based on this philosophy….Caution: For everybody else, he coudn’t clear UML in the first attempt…I am not responsible for anyone following this philosophy…
D in long line of TVs is the Grandfather TV in everybody’s house which only works when one gives a smack to it Well another joke pops out…
What is the height of height of stinginess? Acknowledging a missed call from a CUG no with a missed call hahaha
Sorry D…Again no hard feelings…. Well i called him GrandFather TV, as he is pretty lazy….You always have to push him, so that he can start working….Probably that is the reason why he never has a girl friend . he is always ready to do everything under the sun but never has seen him doing anything ….He is opposite of B..B likes to complicate things, D likes to simplify things…Ofcourse life is never so simple except in his mind…but he is content with it…so i do not disturb him
E is future of all TVs. He is Dish TV,IPTV, GrandFather TV all combined in one. The reason i put in Grandfather TV is that sometimes he has to be given a smack, else he is pretty fine …he follows JAVA to the core….loves multithreading…his life now consists only of different threads which he resumes anytime he requires . Occasionally he also does some Garbage Collection (GC) ….but GCs are done very infrequently. Thus his performance remains exemplary…. He still hasn’t started any new thread for girlfriends…so if anyone’s interested, can contact him
Well thats it…my room-mates can easily guess who i am talking about so i request them to not to spill the beans…for rest of them try to identify the people behind ABCDE…till then Happy Guessing!!!


  1. So Mr E the man himself is blogging

  2. @Ajit
    wrong one buddy!
    i was Mr.D
    anyways that post was written 1 year back and lot of narmada water has flown through Sabarmati ;)