Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Current Pune Room-mates !!

Back again to writing about my Pune room-mates!
If my Chennai room-mates were from different parts of India, my pune room-mates' mother tongue was always different from the state they lived in. So another sets of interesting people came in to live under one roof. Each one of us having a tale of two origins. To make it more clearer we have a Gujarati, and an Hyderabadi who have lived all their life in Maharashtra. Then we have a pure "Mathu" - He is the exception. He is from Maharashtra and has mother-tongue as marathi (A very rare exception for our room.) Finally there is me, who is a mallu born and brought up in Gujarat, worked in Chennai, and now working in Pune, Maharasthra. So much for the introduction. Again to protect the privacy of the persons concerned (including me), I won't disclose their names. You people can take a guess on that. They are A, B, C, D.

He is the real story-teller. If you are with him, you would never get bored as he brings up one story after another; all stories based on real life. The best part is that you would know so much about the person he is talking about that you do not need a formal introduction when you meet his friend. He really should be part UN's world peace initiative. He builds bridges between people who have never met each other in their lives before. So he is the ultimate catalyst for creating mashups in the real world. Finally he devours MTV and he cannot ever miss a Roadie or any of the reality show that MTV can crank up. So he is our MTV (Mashup TV)!!

Now this guy really rocks. He is the absolute cool dude that people (read girls) want around. He would reach a CCD on a friend's(you know what to read) call before Obama could think of his next sentence during his speech. The best part of his is that he likes cricket and soccer. He is really into a ESPN, Star-Sports, Neo-Cricket, Star-Cricket. Unfortunately he is our Sanjay Singhania of our Room. Not that he has 8-packs, but he suffers from amnesia. But instead of exact 15 min interval that Aamir Khan had, somebody has inserted random function in his brain which causes him to forget things after a random interval of time. So he is our Star Cricket!! (he is a star of our room that sometimes blink and the rest of the time he forgets to blink ;) and he loves cricket)

Now this guy is our Door Darshan. He has no specific genre in his content. He shows everything - news, reality shows, sports, movies, music, daily-soaps and even the old DD colgate ads :). You can get his views on all the topics present in the world. Caution has to exercised when taking his advice or when he says "Tension kyon leta hai?" (Why do you take tension?). Then there is more of a chance of your having your heart in the mouth till he resolves your issue. But the issue will get resolved. So taking his help is not for the weak-hearted.

This guy is aloof from all the concerns of the world. You never know what his next action item his. I wonder whether he himself knows about what his next action item is. Still it is very dangerous to have a remote in his hands. He will make you watch movies not the normal Hindi ones. Hindi is a definite no on his list. You are lucky if you are able to see an English movie as he is bent on watching Espanyol, Francaise, Italia, Portuguese, Deutsch, or even Korean. He would be sitting there with an intensity that Rahul Dravid also cannot match when defending a ball. If you think, it all going over your head, I do not blame you. For all his intensity he still gets out to some of the most simplest of the deliveries in the most comical of the fashion. In short, he also does not understand anything ;) )I call him World Movies (Nobody can understand how World works and he likes movies!!)

So thats completes my room-mates profile. Now challenge is back to you! Guess the people. You can map people Gujju in Maharashtra, Tamdu(Telegu) in Maharashtra, Mathu Manoos (Pure Marathi) and finally the Mallu from Gujju in Maharashtra!!! :)


  1. Haha...tough to guess man...you haven't given a thing about which regional channel each one watches! ;)
    And btw, I didnt know you were a mallu!! Nice to know that, dont ask why! (*Now he will ask...*)!! :D

  2. @Ajit & Anil
    Thats incorrect! ;)

    //tough to guess man...you haven't given a thing about which regional channel each one watches!
    yeah i think that was unfair to the readers - i shud have given more clues - will try to make that a little more simpler for our ch11 :) hehe
    //I didnt know you were a mallu!! Nice to know that, dont ask why! (*Now he will ask...*)!!
    you have left me no choice buddy but to ask ;)