Sunday, January 25, 2009

Its Time to bed - Our gender war begins!!!

I have switched off my lights. The night was long and it suited me. I needed the rest. And somehow sensing my presence she came in. Noiselessly at first. I could not see her in the dark. Only felt her overwhelming presence coming upon me. She had been coming here for the entire last week.

I wanted to avoid her today as I was tired. I snuggled up deep in my blanket to avoid her. For a moment though, I felt relieved. I felt safe. But she sensing my uneasiness had waited. Waited patiently so that I can be comfortable with her presence. I popped out my head. I felt like her overwhelming presence has disappeared.

Again a sigh of relief went. Yet again she came in. This time with a definite purring. A soft voice came up as she started snuggling up around me. I was unsure of what to do the whole week. I tried to stop it. She was unrelenting. I did not want to hurt her. Actually I did not have the strength to hurt her. I just submitted to her desires. She sensed my powerlessness.

She now became a little more bold. She started caressing my hair and a soft purring started over my hear. I did not wanted this to go further. But powerless I was. My head again went inside the blanket. She still did not go. She knew my head would soon pop-out of the blanket. She knew my every pulse. After all same blood ran through our veins.

Finally she touched me. In the beginning the touch was a gentle caress. As her hands and feet all touched my bare skin - I waited for it to get over. And then like the phoenix rising from the ashes I arose. My strength returned. Her soft purring had stopped. She knew what was coming next. With bated breath she waited. My blanket was now off me. I started attacking her. She was deft and skillful and avoided my hands gracefully.

My mind again went tired and again i snuggled up inside the blanket. But now the heat was rising. I started sweating. She stayed put. I always admired her patience and perseverance. She knew the exact time when to touch me. In a way she knew everything about me. I was not surprised.

Finally I gathered my last bit of strength to reach the switch-board and switched on the fan and went deep into my blanket. She was shattered with this form of rejection. She knew I won't come out now. Her strengths - patience and perseverance was tested. They failed her with my last form of rejection and finally she just flew out of the room in an outrage. I was satisfied as I had finally own the battle of sexes. I can now enjoy me rest and sleep. Good Night :)

Now for all the reader out there - guess who she is??


  1. Tell me its not a gal...and I will kill you! :P
    Well..if I could guess right, she would be your perspiration, the sweat of your brow! ;)
    Or she could be the beautiful anopheles mosquito! :)
    Tell me the right one, if I am wrong both times! :)
    Good post buddy...nice encapsulation! :D

  2. //Good post buddy...nice encapsulation! :D

    thanks man!
    will updates the post with the answer soon!! :)

  3. HI Dishit

    bada sensual likha hai!!!
    Tell me ur inspiration :)


  4. @Rajat
    inspiration - mere room ka machchar! :D
    thanks a lot buddy :)