Monday, February 15, 2010

My First Love!!!

There she was. I had known her ever since I can remember. Most part of my childhood was spent with her. When I was with her, my mind would just go on and explore her coutless little features. When I was not with her, I would be recounting the time spent with her. My friends were also mad about her. They had also fallen for her. And so have a million others. She had her rules. Yet the rules always produced different ways of approaching her. What's on her mind even the greatest observers could not tell. To everyone, she showed a different feature and everyday we would try to decipher this new feature. My friends told me she can never be mine as so many others felt the same too. Yet my child-like enthusiasm blinded what my rational mind tried to tell me. Love is blind; I learnt much later. So true like a man in love, I tried to meet her, tried to impress her with my skills, tried to learn the zillion expressions she had so that for one moment I can find what her mind thinks. I courted her day and night for when she was with me, I felt alive. I felt this is the greatest moment in my life. I lived in this esctatic state for years. I met her daily to feel her, to make myself live another day. However, as in every Hindi movie, you always have a villian.

Here it was studies. I tried first to manage both. In the beginning I was successful. As the years piled on, I was seeing more of studies and less and less of her. I was thinking about her, whenever I could find time for she was always there, waiting for me to come and meet her. Slowly and steadily, the daily meet was reduced to weekly meets, and then the meets disappeared. Still I was able to look at her, adored her intricacies that I had fantasized for so long. I could look at her continuously sometimes secretely sometimes openly.

As I was getting used to this, then came another villain which is so non-Bollywood. This was Work. Now I had to leave my city and had to go away from her. For months I could not see her. Sometimes during a year, I would get a chance to meet her for a while and phoosh! She would vanish, citing some or the other reason. As seeing her became rarer and meeting still rarer, my hopes started diminishing. These days, I can only read about her what my friends say. Sometimes I can see her online updates or descriptions of her from some new fool. So I wait these days, hoping against hope for a miracle....

So thats my story of Valentine day. Ending this on a quote by some guy like me -

"You can never forget your first love"
PS: Guess who she is. A hint - she shares her name with a type of insect
Wishing you all

Happy Valentine's day

At least in U.S. people would have just woken up to it. :)
This is my offering on Carnival of Love hosted by Megz.

Updated on 18th Feb:
She is the game of cricket.


  1. The girl who is meant to be with you will always return, no matter what happens.
    If (while) she doesn't return, forget her.

  2. Happy V-day to u too...!! :D
    Waise kaun hey woh? ;)

  3. aaawwwwwww.......choooooooo chwweeeeettt...
    thats a cute one :)
    so whose the gal, pal ;)
    n m glad you did the carnival..
    yaayy.... *double thumbs up* :D

  4. @Kaushal
    Thanks for the advice buddy!

    thanks buddy! will post who she is tomorrow ;)

    //so whose the gal, pal
    i wonder if you talk in poetry ;)

  5. very useful post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

  6. ohhoo who's she :P
    name similar to insect??? beats me :)
    lovely post :)

  7. @Anonymous
    i would be honoured :)
    its actually the game of cricket!
    cricket was the name of type of insect ;)

  8. @Raji
    one more thing - Thanks for visiting! :)

  9. Studies and work are such villains, aren't they?
    It was a nice read. :)

  10. @Nethra
    yep - sure they are!
    thanks for visiting :)

  11. I am still guessing the name.. I am sure it must another of your silly things.. But well,let me not arrive at a conclusion that soon.. :-P
    Enjoyable post Dish with just the right amount of mush.. Thumb's up!

  12. @Himanshu
    // I am sure it must another of your silly things.. //
    :D well it is :)

    well it was the game of cricket

    thanks buddy :)

  13. Boy o boy!
    That is something!
    I wish she be yours some day, 'cause I don't like sad endings...
    Yet, you can't force fate to be better.
    She will come to you when...
    Best left.
    Nice post by the way.

  14. @Zave
    Thanks for your wishes, man!
    Do keep visiting :)