Monday, January 28, 2008

Smoker's Secret Paradise

These are some of the secrets which only smokers know…..

  • Smokers’ can handle high amount of stress level. Non-smoker’s get tired of drinking coffee which is a pale stimulant as compared to nicotine…Smokers never get tired off it. Thus their productivity levels are higher
  • Smokers’ always knows that their smoking habits are bad, so they always try to laugh about it. They learn to laugh at themselves. So they are more open to criticism than the non-smokers.
  • Smokers always have to defend their smoking habits, so all the time they have to think something new to counter criticism. So they automatically become creative in their work…as they are more prone to use their Right side of the brain
    Again since they can laugh at themselves they are less prone to be bogged down by setbacks.
  • Sometimes for them to come back after a setback, all they would need is a puff of smoke and they are on their feet and running.
  • When non-smokers get stuck, they generally would go on and on to get the solution. Smokers, meanwhile would step back go for a smoke and come back. This helps them get a new perspective which may produce the solution faster.
  • Smoking zones are always outside the building, along with the nature…in between trees. So smokers get the advantage of experiencing nature’s tranquility..and thus they get rejuvenated easily. For non-smokers, they can have breaks only in loud dinge of cafeteria..
  • Smokers can easily build friendships with higher-ups in the organization as all it takes to start a conversation in smoker’s zone is “Got matches.. ..” :-)
    Continuing on that note if your boss is a smoker, then you would get an added benefit of him relaxing with you,thus a better chance to develop a warmer relationships….Of course this can backfire….
  • Finally the thrill that comes with smoking a cigarette is unmatched…which only smokers know

Warning:- Cigarette smoking is injurious to health