Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Minutes of the Meeting!!!

The unwavering light
The hum of the machine
The tapping of the keyboard
I stare at the screen unblinking

The frightening number of unread mails
Increasing the to-do items
The mind subdued by the routine
Let out a silent groan

The heart caged in the peaceful dullness
Lets out a prisoner's howl
The dictator mind silencing
The heart's unprofessional approach

Yet in this battle of the mind and heart
The soul and the work suffers
Increasing the inactivity as the battle rages
The precious ticks of clock pass by

O' cold-hearted manager
Why productivity chart interests you so much?
The chart show only the remnant scars of the battle
The causes of which only the soul knows.

The eyes register a pop-up
Another one of the old dull routines of the mind
That the heart has ceased to register
It is the daily status meeting reminder

The mind now roars out flashing the SOS sign
Flag of truce fluttered high and mighty
The heart acceded to the truce
Beating harder pumping blood to the mind

Gashes and slashes start appearing
To-Do items bear the brunt
A billion neurons firing simultaneously
Yet the list has been left idle far too long

The meeting begins
Unknown of the battle waged
The tip of iceberg my nervous hello betrays
Status turning red yet still amber

The manager wanted a green
But amber is still fine for the day
The soul was saved for the day
Allowed to live another day

Another day of unwavering light
Another day of hum of machine
Another day of tapping of keyboard
For the battle rages on and on...

This was scribbled during a hour and a half meeting where self was seen as frantically seen scribbling every word discussed. Fortunately nobody asked self to send the minutes of the meeting! :)

PS: I  got an eureka moment after 3 hour struggle to add a Subscribe button on the blog so that people can get an email alert. No wonder the eureka moment sent me to a blissful state of exile from blogging.

P.PS: This is a beginner's attempt at poetry so suggestions are welcome. :)

P.P.PS: I am unconvinced of the title of the poem. I was planning to put it under "Why should all poems have a title?"  meme but didn't see it fitting in completely!