Monday, March 5, 2012

When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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It has been a tough last 3 weeks for him. Ever since the quarterly results were announced, the stakeholders have been baying for his blood. Today their wish will be fulfilled. Fortunately, for him there was no news of possiblity of CEO firing yet. It is much easier to face family after getting fired rather than have uncertainty looming over the family. He had given his best and had introduced initiatives which in any other situation would have given great results every quarter. But 2008 recession and now the uncertainty over Europe ruined his plans.Instead, the company has been posting losses for four straight quarters. His predecessor was lucky. He rode on the IT boom and now people want him back. 

In the rear-view he saw his 13 year old son coming in his school. Ever since they moved to Mumbai, he had always dropped him at his school, no matter what the situation was. He had always prided himself on this short drive. But he was afraid whether he will be able to drop him to school tomorrow with the words "Failed" written all over him. "Hi Dad!, he greeted. His family knew things were not rosy for him and they had been supportive all the while. "How was your game yesterday, son?"

The car moved forward.
"We lost.", he said. "Well, how did you fare?" 
"I missed the penalty that sent us packing", with no remorse in his voice.
"I can understand. Penalty kick is like a lottery and", his son cut him short.
"Dad, it's fine. I know I messed up. But I am a fighter. Just like you. Wait till the next game and I will fire right into that top right corner!"
The car stopped. "Have a nice day, Dad!"

He again started the car and turned on the radio. But the words - "I am a fighter. Just like you" resonated through his body giving him goosebumps. Yeah, he was a fighter. He had forgotten and his 13 year old taught him that again. His heart lightened and a smile escaped after an eon. He cried out - "Wait till the next game!" and sped off.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

[Comic Strip] Men will be men!

PS: A mini celebration time - 50th post on this blog :)