A to Z Challenge 2013

My blog has always been in the start-stop mode. Recently, it has been more in the stop mode rather than the start mode. So when I saw this challenge coming my way, I thought why not make use of it to get my blog into a start mode. :)

So although my mind is still devoid of ideas, I hope to see the below list completed by 30th of April.
  1. A - April Fool's Day
  2. B - B.b.b.Bladder!
  3. C - C as in Clock
  4. D - D - Dozzzzzing Off
  5. E - Electron E
  6. F - [A-Z Challenge] Flabbergast I am!
  7. G - [A-Z Challenge] Its G for Gravity!
  8. H - [A-Z Challenge] HORN OK PLEASE
  9. I -  [A-Z Challenge] Idea
  10. J - [A-Z Challenge] Jabber
  11. K - [A-Z Challenge] K is for Kick Lifecycle
  12. L - [A-Z Challenge] Luck
  13. M - [A-Z Challenge] Monday Morning
  14. N - [A-Z Challenge] Nobody and Nowhere!
  15. O - [A-Z Challenge] O for Oval Shape
  16. P - [A-Z Challenge] P as in Pressure
  17. Q - [A-Z Challenge] You are in Queue
  18. R - [A-Z Challenge] R for Running
  19. S - [A-Z Challenge] Story of a Story
  20. T - [A-Z Challenge] T for Towel
  21. U - [A-Z Challenge] U as in Uncontrollable Urge!
  22. V - [A-Z Challenge] \/ for Venerable Virus
  23. W -[A-Z Challenge] W for Window!
  24. X - [A-Z Challenge] X
  25. Y - [A-Z Challenge] You are late!
  26. Z - [A-Z Challenge] Z for Zero
For the uninitiated, the details of the challenge is present here.
1st April : Well I stumbled on the challenge late and still took my own sweet time to come up with a theme. As the old saying, better late than never, I have  selected my theme to be "Quirks Of Life". So far I only have idea for today and a torrid time  awaits each day for the next quirk. 

30th April : With this I complete challenge. Extremely happy about it as after H, I had no clue on what to write. Somehow managed to scrape through to the finish line. The one regret that do have is that I was  not able to read other friend's post as much I would have liked to.

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