Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Magic

Another long poem - only the second one though;)

With the football fever on, just can't miss out writing on it. But this time central theme is shared with another topic. So hold your breath and read on to find out which topic shares the centre stage with football.

The Magic

There in the dug-out he waited
For his chance to play
On the world's biggest stage
In front of the millions

Today he wanted to play
Not for the crowds
But for his childhood love
A thousand miles away

To honor the promise
Their childhood hearts had made
For that was the last time
They saw each other

And he was sure today
That she will be watching
Just like she used to
Before that fateful day

Waiting for his run with  the ball
Enduring the rain and the sun
Only to see him dribble the ball
For this spark started their love

The coach barked - You are on
He jogged on the pitch knowing
A magic he will weave for whenever
She watched, the magic was on

The ball touched his feet
Snuggling around his feet
Like a dog snuggling around its master
Moving around him in circles

Playing with the defender he was
Yet waiting like a hunter he was
For the time was not yet right
And the magic happens only once

Then the moment came, the magic started
The defense frozen in shock
Like a breeze he went through
With ball leading its master

Looking up he saw
The only man still unfazed
But today was his day
His magic will beat him today

And he unleashed his pet
The ball rose moving away
Then curved and dipped
Leaving the unfazed stunned

And he knew it, she knew it
The magic had never scored
For though it produced the spark
It always doused the fire - their love...


There it is. This blog has been moving into unchartered waters for some time now. So do throw up some light on the way with your feedback. :)

On a different note, the upsets on Spain and Germany and a listless England, the world cup would miss out the attacking talent these teams have and a whole lot of goals. Hope they tighten their games and we have a great rounds of football ahead!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

55 Fiction ~ 5 Micro-short stories!!

55 Fiction - Fitting a story within 55 words. Call it the micro-short story which you can fit in twitter's 140 character limit if you use the the chat language. But would not advise to do so ;) . So the blog turning a new leaf here with my first attempt at short stories.. ;)

A journey cut short…

He boarded the bus and saw a girl covered in scarf waving at him. As usual he could not remember her. The girl was still waving. He was still clueless. So he gave a smile and moved towards her. The waving became frantic. He broadened his smile. The conductor shouted – “Ladies only bus, Sir”


We, the people

Looking across the street, he saw a nervous group of people – all looking up. This was Mumbai and he was a cop. So approaching the crowd, he saw dimly-lit place with a screen. Moving closer he caught the glimpse of the screen – It said - To win, India need 2 runs in 2 balls.


The Hunter

He felt hungrier today which made him come here. Right he was. For in front of him a little ahead he saw the little creature moving. He swam towards the kill, and caught it between his teeth. Suddenly, his body was lifted up and the last thing he heard was – Mom, I got another one.


The Six

1 run to win. Yes he will hit the winning runs with her looking. Her darling kitten which he hated was also looking from the balcony. He had decided this will be six and nothing less. The heavy tennis ball came and he smashed it out of the colony right into her darling kitten’s face.


World Cup Final

The world-cup final. The tournament had gone well. But people will remember him for what he does today. But nothing was happening. Both teams were playing safe. Tackle by the man who has won the golden boot before the final. This was his moment. Slowly from his back pocket, he pulled out the Red card.
PS: With the rains coming, at least one story should have had rain as a theme. Anyways, will take it up next time :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The beautiful game!

With the football fever on, so thought of putting some thoughts into words....

The national anthem
The whistle
The passes
Running with the ball

The defense
The tackle
The foul and
The faking of the foul

The yellow card
The red card
The adamant referee
And the innocent players

The crowd
And cheering
For every move made

The off-side trap
The free kick
The wall
The ball kissing the cross-bar

The shot saved
The goal-kick
Nervous defense
Fending off the swarming attackers

The corner
The header
The top-corner
And the goal

The ecstasy
The celebration
The shaken opposition
And the roaring crowd

The extra-time
The substitution
An all-out attempt
For the elusive goal

The hope
The despair
The frustration
Of a missed chance

The goal-keeper's smile
For a lucky break he got
The shouting coach
And finally an own goal

The brilliant footwork
The mistake
The lost chance
And finally the penalty kicks

Each shot scored
Each shot blocked
Becomes a nail driven
Into each others heart

The nervous team
The million hopes
This is it
The world stage

The striker
The kick
The goal-keeper's dive
And the goal

That was luck
Detractors would say
But only he and the goal-keeper know
It was - the beautiful game....

Rooting for Brazil as every time - love the way they make the game beautiful to watch.... :)