Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!! - You were there

This is the day when we pay tribute to the teachers who have taught us throughout the year. This year i pay tribute to a teacher who has been taught me for at least last 24 odd years.
Here it goes :)
You were there

You were there...
When i wrote a, b, c, d,..
Forgetting the bar in the 't's
And the dots on the 'i'
Nudging me, reminding me
Of the hobbits of the language

You were there...
When my gujarati notebook
Was painted red like
Betel-nut chewed mouth of
My language teacher

You were there..
When the sharpest eyes could not discern
My 't's from 'f's and my '7's from '2's
When my answer papers became
My teacher's Sunday afternoon puzzles

You were there..
When i failed spectacularly in three languages
Missing the bar by 1,2,1 in each
When 3 mangoes and 5 rupees and
5 oranges and 4 rupees
Sent chills through my spine

You were there..
Solving fancy algebraic equations
Late in the night by my side
Re-learning that you learnt ages ago
To help me solve them

You were there....
Teaching the ways of living organisms,
Of amoeba, virus and bacteria,
Of xylem, phloem and photosynthesis
Of genetics, DNAs, and Mendel's laws,
Of all the matters in a frog..

You were there..
When i was lost
When i thought everything was gone
When each of my failures hit you harder

But the teacher you were,
Always kept a brave front,
Although every logical neuron of your brain
Was certain of the doom
Only so that I can gather strength
So that I can wipe my tears
To see the hidden light of hope

Happy Teacher's day!
From the student who
remains your student forever
For after all you are my mother!

Yes its my Mom who has been my teacher from the time i can remember..
This post is a tribute to her for all the thing she taught me in life. :)

PS: Forgive me for murdering English poetry