Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Poetry] The Wave

The Wave
The clouds cleared, paving
The way for the moon
Stars dimmed themselves
For the queen has arrived

A sudden sweeping force
Lifted us from buzzing drone
A new song was in the air
For the moon made its presence felt
Pulling us out from
The earth's darkness
Our hearts fluttered
As we kissed the winds

The new song was within us
The higher we went
The song beats increased 
The moon glowed 

Living on the higher plane
Exhilaration engulfed us
Lords of the dull earth
Was what we became

Yet the earth was still the master
The moon a mere imposter
And slaves we remained  
To the jealous earth

As we looked above one last time
Grateful for the hope of freedom
Smiled before crashing 
Into the hungry rocks below