Friday, April 26, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] \/ for Venerable Virus

Quirks of Life starting with V is Venerable Virus which has existed from the beginning of life and still needle proud humans every now and then. This is part of April A-Z challenge details of which is present here.
Pulling it out from the crevices of various living cell, I have managed to get one virus talking for the A-Z challenge and having seen one and  all, it surely is the Venerable Virus!

From the times when a living cell originated in sea, I was there needling the living cell. I have continued the needling across the centuries needling all the organisms across all kingdoms including huge dinosaurs and the current rulers of earth - humans. However, in terms of pure numbers, I rule the world. 

A very simple makeup consisting of DNA/RNA, protein and lipid layer is all that is needed to make me. This makes me highly adaptable to various circumstances that earth can provide. Now this is called elegant design by the Universe/Creator, whichever school of thought you come from. 

Only by changing a small set of combination of DNA/RNA, I can turn into numerous different types ranging from absolutely lethal to harmless ones too. However, whatever the case, it is always a pain for the host.

However, humans being the smartest of species have created a digital version of me. Like me, it is created by few strands of software code that has the ability to reproduce and propagate. But it is a bawdy copy of me. 

The software code is unsustainable and these viruses have very little shelf-life. Humans, however smart they consider themselves to be can never come up with the elegant design that Universe/Creator could conjure up. 

More importantly, there are now species of me that can immediately clean up huge number of human population. Strategies have been devised to counter me. 

But I cannot be killed. How can they kill something which is not alive in the first place?  The only thing that humans can be done is wait for my next juggle of RNA/DNA and voila they will be spending billions to counter me. Ha ha to that!


  1. Yeah, the pesky virus it can be a huge pain in the know what and unfortunately and can be even worse.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. How can you kill something that is not alive, indeed! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great post. Viruses, microbiology and bacteria are always an interesting time.

  3. Well, yikes! They certainly lurk and wait to take you out.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Yep..they sure are! I am down with one now :(

  4. LOL "I have managed to get one virus talking for the A-Z challenge".... that's a good one. There are good viruses too but the bad ones are so bad that nobody talks good abt them! :D

  5. Awesome Post! love the way you write!