Thursday, April 4, 2013

C as in Clock


Tick tock tick tock it goes
To nothing it bows
A reminder of time
Not its keeper though

On the wall it sits
Silent and watchful
Yet never unnoticed
But never proud

For generations pass
Under its watchful eyes
Collects stories in bagful
Unceasing and unbiased

The family moves on
Home it ceases to be
Yet unceasing it goes
Tick tock tick tock

Its spring is worn
Tired are its hands
Yet it cannot rest
For it know not rest

The stories remain hidden
To all the souls of the world
For it never was
A teller of the stories

It was but a teller of time
Reminder of time
Not the keeper of time
Tick tock tick tock

PS: This is part of the April A-Z Challenge where a post has to be posted every day in the month of April except on Sundays. The details are present here. My theme for this series is "Quirks of Life".


  1. This is brilliant, if clocks were people imagine the stories they'd have to tell of the sites they had seen?

    1. yep..Even I was wondering about and it prompted me to write this. Thanks!

  2. had missed your posts... nice one :D

  3. excellent Dishit This is after a long break I suppose