Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] K is for Kick Lifecycle

This is part of the April A-Z Challenge where a post has to be posted every day in the month of April except on Sundays. The details are present here. The theme for my posts is "Quirks of Life".  Getting a kick is another one of those quirks that we are used to getting in our daily life. 

A kick is what you need in the mornings to make you feel alive and kicking. Mostly a coffee can give you the required kick.  Doctors will recommend an apple for the required kick. 

At work, the morning kick starts to wane and by the time meetings kick in, another kick would be needed. The stale office coffee would suffice here. Whether it is the caffeine or the bad coffee that creates the kick is still debatable. 

As the workload increases, the next bigger kick generally comes from a cigarette stub. This kick acts as a stress reliever, idea generator and also kick starts the brain. Sometimes two cigarettes are needed. One is to relieve the stress and other to kick off the idling brain.

When the stress-levels go up too much, you kick up a fuss starting need for more kicks from the cigarette butt. Even if you want to kick the habit of smoking, the stress levels makes you want more kicks. 

At the end of the day at home, when the need for kicks is at its lowest, you need another kick to chill-off the day. You want to kick up your heels with a drink or two. 

Of course, after which you are sure you will kick like a mule. But the more you drink, the kick hits you more and instead of kicking someone else’s back, you end up kicking your own which is what you had actually needed in the morning!

Finally, when all this kick doesn't suffice you can avail the services of Kick Buttowski - The Suburban Daredevil!

PS: There were so many phrases with the word kick on it. So the whole idea was to use as many phrases as possible in the post! 

P.PS: I love this character and in the cartoon he is a daredevil who does not kick anyone's back. However, the kick lifecycle went nicely with him so I borrowed him!

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