Friday, April 19, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] O for Oval Shape

Quirks of Life starting with O is Oval shape. This is part of April A-Z challenge details of which is present here.

In a world where perfection and idealization is celebrated, I am an oddity. Nobody likes an oval shape. Maybe, it is uncomfortable to define. Even the letter O does not want to oval. The perfect O is always a circle.

Maybe an oval ball does not do things as expected. Most sports use perfectly spherical ball except for rugby and American football. With different dimension at different place, people find difficult to handle me. 

But this behavior is only limited to human beings as rest of the Universe find me interesting.Even the Milky Way has an elliptical bulge at its centre though it spiral out afterwards. 

The earth is also not spherical. It also has a oval into it. The author of this post also never liked that the earth is not perfectly spherical.  But then universe is not perfect and the real world definitely is not perfect. So am I. I am also not perfect. My oddity needs to be celebrated and not put it as a special condition that has to be treated separately.

From the early days of schooling, I am never introduced. Children learn about all other shapes except for me. The one who can draw a perfect circle becomes a popular guy. But an oval shape? Most of them wouldn't have heard about me. Yet when most of them draw they only get an oval shape. But I am treated as a blemish that needs to be corrected to make it a circle.

However, even nature is liberal towards me as I help nature achieve things that a perfect sphere cannot achieve. I can give you an example that will show you my importance. The process of laying eggs is made easier if the shape is an oval both from biological and physics standpoint; details of which I will not delve into. 

But consider this, if the eggs were spherical, they would roll off away if the hen doesn't take proper precautions. My shape makes it difficult to roll off and also to stop faster than a spherical ball would do.

So although the universe and nature are utilizing me for their own designs, I live in relative anonymity among the humans waiting for the spotlight to fall on me!


  1. Ovals are aslo what gives eggs there amazing structural integrity. From a design point of view, ovals are pretty amazing.

    1. I was not aware of that. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. An excellent choice of topic, and you did complete justice to it.

  3. Ah! The pain and joys of being an Oval! Fantastic idea for a post :)