Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] Luck

This is part of the April A-Z Challenge where a post has to be posted every day in the month of April except on Sundays. The details are present here. The theme for my posts is "Quirks of Life".  Luck or a little bit of a nudge is one of those quirks that we sometimes need in our lives.

From the fuzzy side of the universe, where existence and nonexistence simultaneously exist, and where the line between presence or absence of concepts are blurred, ladies and gentlemen - I present to you - Luck!

Of all the happenings in the world, I am the most misunderstood. People of different religions call me differently. I might be termed as a consequence of karma or I might be kismet (destiny or fate). What very few never call me is an event. 

Human beings have been given a rational mind. Nope they have been given an unsettled mind which thinks, thinks and thinks. This makes them want to define me in myriad ways that is possible. Moreover, humans are very egoistic in nature. So even if everything points to the contrary, they still believe they have the imagination or thought process to define me. To that optimism - Ha ha!.

People go to great lengths to appease Gods so that I do them a favor. They categorize me into good luck and bad luck. However, I am only one.
I do not have any good or bad part of it. People on the other hand rarely understand this. They roll over on the ground, climb mountains, fast for days just to appease their Gods.

According to them, God then will command me to do something in their favor. Little do they understand that God does not have a part to play in this. I happen by chance and by the natural order of the world. 

Many sports-persons have their good luck charms. Let me tell you, they never work. It is just that they gain confidence by having those charms and whatever the magic they do on the field is due to that confidence. I am just a mute spectator. 

However, I must appreciate  the mathematicians of the world. They have come very close in their definition of me. They have termed me as a random event independent of other events. 

I like that because it is very similar to me. However, if you come from the world which I inhabit, you would find many of us are like that only. So although you may never be invited to my world, I definitely can share my thoughts on my friends if I am invited again here. For now, adios!

PS: Although Mr. Luck has talked a lot about his being impartial and being part of the natural order of things, I myself need loads of luck and would continue to keep my fingers crossed for all critical events of my life including on winning this challenge!