Friday, April 19, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] Nobody and Nowhere!

Quirks of Life starting with N is Nobody and Nowhere. This is part of April A-Z challenge details of which is present here.

The one place that I want to find is nowhere. As the years have rolled on my existence on earth, somehow many of things that belong to me have gone to nowhere. It is like a dead-end.

I can't search after that. The list of things that have reached nowhere is innumerable. It is the black hole of the earth where once things go, you can never get it. People call it carelessness, absent-mindedness and what not. But somehow, nobody understands my perspective.

Now, there is this person called Mr. Nobody. Now this guy is the super-cool guy whose primary job is to move all my things to nowhere. Somehow, I have to keep my things falling into Mr. Nobody's hands.

The magnanimity of keeping Mr. Nobody’s hands free of my things can be understood if you will know the pains that I took to unearth my things going to nowhere. Before I knew, about the presence of Mr. Nobody, the only thing that I knew was that my things were going to nowhere.
Asking everyone about my things, the answers that always came was nobody.  Finally I resigned to the fact that like dark matter there is this person called Mr. Nobody who is responsible for my things to be moved to nowhere.

I tried hard to find Mr. Nobody to ask him to put an end to this business of taking my things to nowhere without my permission. Alas! I was only able to detect the presence of Mr. Nobody and that too after Mr. Nobody has done his deed.

Now there is a different side to Mr. Nobody that I found recently. This side has pained me more than his taking away of my thing. In this side, what he does is, bring out things that I want to remain in nowhere. Not only that, he would bring such things to people from whom this was supposed to be hidden. My marksheets  teacher’s note and many other unmentionable things were brought to the notice to my parents by this uber-cool gur, Mr. Nobody. This is completely uncool. Even if he is what he is, he has to adhere to bro code.

Now this is an open request to all. If you are able to find Mr. Nobody, please bring to his attention this post so that he doesn't pain me more!