Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Day 2 of the challenge! Happy I was able to get something not so decent to write about and still remain true to my theme - "Quirks of Life"

Few things in the world get greater priority than a full bladder. All priorities, urgencies are kept aside for a full bladder. It is said that - nobody can stop a full bladder whose time has come

Yet this critical organ seldom receives any praise or any acknowledgement for the work it does. It is like the multitudes of billions working in cheap Chinese factories. This may not be true but am an Indian and like to dig in whenever I get an opportunity. It does not even get a mention in popular literature and it is mostly associated with disease or like the one who cannot be named. Bladder itself never cares about recognition. It is happy with its anonymity and content with its work.

However, the full bladder occupies a prominent place in Indian sub-consciousness. It has actually allowed Indian men to attend to the exigencies of a full bladder at a place of their choice provided they have to face a blank wall or a thick bush/shrub. Bladders are relieved from great heights like overarching bridges to display dominance over the entire city or even in front of office of the dean of college albeit under the cover of darkness.

Human beings as species need to learn to control this organ. As babies and to a large extent of the childhood, the required control is rarely there and that causes the loss of bladder control resulting in special warmth spreading through the legs. Over a period of time, the control comes in most members of the human species. However, certain members of the species have the special talent to control the bladder and stretch its muscles for extended duration. How these members go on to achieve this is still a mystery. Thankfully bladder control is not a sport in Olympics. Indian men would have still lost as a blank wall would have been enough for them to lose control and we would have one more sport where we bemoan a loss.

However, this sport is well practiced in pubs with loads of beers. Beers are said to have the ability to fill the bladder faster than any other liquid known to mankind. Pubs leverage this to create offers to lure clientele. An example is given below.

As kids, bladder had the special tendency to become full and on the verge of bursting in the dying minutes of exams. Unfortunately most kids had the same problem and there will be queues at a wrong place during the exam. Great, are those kids who bear the twin agony of full bladder and a difficult mathematics paper at the same time know fully that relieving of one would only bring the horror back in focus.

Keeping aside the beers and any possible disease, adults or kids for that matter lose their bladder control in terms of great anxiety or fear. This happens as in times of great distress, bladder which doesn’t figure in top 10 priorities for living, is left alone and the energy is directed to more important organs. Not joking. Check this link.

So leaving you now for nobody can stop a full bladder whose time has come including self. 

PS: This is part of the April A-Z Challenge where a post has to be posted every day in the month of April except on Sundays. The details are present here.


  1. Hilarious!! :D
    What a novel thought for a post! :D

    1. Thanks! :)
      Had to do some soul-searching to come up with the topic :P

  2. Oh what an interesting post! I often claim that I have a bladder made of paper because it can't seem to hold anything... Ugh.


  3. hahaha ROFL :D it is so nice to read you again :D hillarious write up :D

    1. @raji - yep have been away for sometime...thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. ROFL... hilarious write up... it is so nice to read your posts again :D