Thursday, April 18, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] Monday Morning

Quirks of Life starting with M is Monday Morning and this post has arrived by mail with no return address. So please, please provide comments in the comment section as that will be monitored by today's esteemed guest. 

Hello All,
It all started with a big fat cat in a newspaper cursing me. He never went to work or worked but he ensured, all those people who went to work on Monday felt miserable about it. But from the day, he started cursing me, everybody else started it. On the other hand, all the glory has gone to Friday morning. People go to work in casuals all gay. Even if the work that they have to do on Monday or Friday is the same, people look at it more favorably.

What irks me the most is that people leave a sigh of relief when Monday gets over. That is downright insulting.  For the rest of the days, it is still better. They get the occasional crib. However, for me, the crib is eternal.

Some kind souls have tried to make me happier for people. They would run "Thanks God, it’s Monday" articles. But these articles will be more on the lines of motivational quotes, productivity tips or knowledge series. It is like consoling people about a friend's death by telling him, how good that person was. It never makes a difference. Nevertheless, I am grateful to them for doing their bit to make me a bit more cheerful to people.

With the advent of social network, the cribbing has only amplified. There are dedicated posts cursing me. Moreover, such posts will be liked and shared too. Imagine being ridiculed, insulted and bemoaned about week after week. People also fall ill just because of me. I was never conscious of my power. However, I am not a sadist. I want people to be happy just like they are on Friday mornings.

I could only come up with a sad rant here. However, people should understand my plight and at least empathize with me by not defaming me in public.

Yours Truly,
Monday Morning!!


  1. not only the CAT but this Junglee billiiii too dearest monday :P :P and you can def *** in hell you stupid nonsensical monday!! :P :P :P

    1. bas karo abhi...itna koi insaan ko kiya hota to ab tak suicide kardiya hota :P

  2. Mondays aren't all that bad. Especially if one doesn't have to work on Monday. Then it's an excellent day.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. not everyone is so lucky!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I so agree with Monday.. these FB posts and tweets have increased this cribbing for Monday. According to me those who crib going to work on a Monday do not love their work and are doing it just for the heck of it! I love Mondays... I take it as a beginning of a new week, new opportunities and most importantly, a return to the routine!

    1. It is a very positive approach to take and you can also get a head-start to the week ahead! Personally, I oscillate between the two without any rationale. Sometimes I crib and sometimes I come in earlier than anybody else in office and work!