Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] HORN OK PLEASE

Very few statements can impact the psyche of a nation as much as the above statement has done! This innocuous statement can be seen behind trucks in India. Unfortunately the statement has become ingrained in every Indian driver. We, Indians have taken this to our heart and probably to our grave. 

One can see its consequences in the consistent honking that can be seen on the roads. Maybe from the time we are kids we are so used to see this message behind every truck that we are following that we simply believe it is true. It has resulted in making Indian cities the noisiest during peak hours.

I did search for the origin of the expression with the only supercomputer that we have - Google. But like the computer which on running for years came up with 42, Google too came up with some answers that kids in car going behind a truck can dream off.  So as I put my helmet on yet another time, to listen to music which only Indian roads can offer, my grey matter started distinguishing the genre of honking.

  • Bully Honkers - Heavy Metal is the genre. To increase the beats or the volume, one needs to drive right in front of them slowly. :)
  • Daredevil Honkers - The score will be that of Gonna Fly now in the movie Rocky. These are people going to war and more the traffic, the score will rise and rise till eternity.
  • Government Honkers - Siren on. Since we cannot oppose them as it will be taken as sedition, the other alternative is to let them pass and then give full throttle immediately after they leave. A diminishing siring is far better music than an approaching one.
  • Polite Honkers - It is like the music composed by kids. Random set of keys pressed at random intervals of time. They honky only when the others put them in trouble for no fault of theirs

There I have reached home and now my grey matter can go on thinking about important matters such as food and cricket!


  1. This post was Hilarious. Good one!!

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  3. LOL a good one! We Indians love honking. I hate those who honk even on a red light at the traffic signal!!