Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[A-Z Challenge] Jabber

From the time we are born, we begin jabbering.  As adults, this jabbering continues albeit in a more refined manner. Words are more coherent and there are actual sentences. However, the content would still be missing. Yet for most of us this jabbering is a  stress-buster and love to do it all the time. 

Some of us have taken this habit to the next level. They have the special ability to go on with this jabbering for days together. If the listener gets tired  of  the jabber, they change the listener. But they do not stop jabbering. 

However, this jabbering is what separates men from monkeys. It also has a very important part to play in the development of human civilization. Unless the first inventor jabbered about his invention, we would still be hunters and food gatherers.

Moreover imagine, standing and looking around for whole day like the dinosaurs before us did. Poor souls could not even scream and run when they saw the asteroid come. On the other hand, we are already jabbering away to glory about the impact of asteroid on human civilizations. We also have calculated the precise size of asteroid needed to wipe us away from the face of the earth. So jabbering  is very important for the protection of human species. 

Then there is jabbering by the leaders of the world who by their supreme ability to jabber better than the rest of the folks could stake claim to the seats of power. Exceptions are there in the world and currently Indian leader does fall in this category. Yet so many policy decisions like going to war, or sometimes simply to poke other leaders, these leaders jabber away for the heck off it. They know power does not flow from the barrel of the gun but from their own throats. 

Additionally, there are spiritual jabbers of every religion and every sect. They come and jabber away endlessly rehashing the same things again and again until what they remain simply a jabber. Yet the multitudes of followers listen intently to this jabber hoping against all logic of the world that this particular jabber would take away their pains away.

Finally, there are people who jabber away on the keyboards of their laptop like self here for no reason in the world. They are the insane lot for despite a hectic life like everybody else they jabber away without any hope of gain of any manner. They are the people who have truly achieved oneness with their self and the universe around them and are content with themselves!

PS: This is part of the April A-Z Challenge where a post has to be posted every day in the month of April except on Sundays. The details are present here. The theme for my posts is "Quirks of Life".  I have fallen a bit behind here but going full steam to get back the lost ground!


  1. That's a good one for J! True, there is no dearth of jabbers around us! I am amazed at the politicians and the spiritual leaders they show on religious channels... how much they can talk and people listen to them with rapt attention! :|
    By the way you are behind schedule for the challenge! Busy?!

    1. politicians and spiritual leaders really have a knack of going on and on...and on :)
      I was not keeping well last few days..so now playing the catch-up game!

  2. That was an awesome post for Jabber!